Digital marketing

¿How to prepare the digital marketing plan?

The digital marketing plan allows you to analyze the digital environment where the target audience is to offer products and services.

The general steps to follow to define the digital marketing plan are the following:

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¿How to publish ads on the web portal

The alternatives offered by the web portal to publish advertisements are the following:

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¿What are the 4P and 4C of the market?

The 4P and 4C of the market allow a comprehensive understanding of the operation of marketing in the organization. The 4P and 4C of the market are the following:

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¿What are the main platforms to execute the digital marketing plan?

The platforms are: Google, Facebook, Instagram, WhatSap and YouTube. Which offer different tools to successfully execute the digital marketing plan.

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¿What is inbound marketing for?

Inbound Marketing allows you to get customers over the Internet, through the application of digital marketing techniques. The concepts and applications of Inbound Marketing are the following:

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Financial analysis

¿How to analyze the return on investment of a business plan or project?

The return on investment analysis makes it possible to identify the cost - benefit of an action and make the decision whether or not to execute said action within the company or project. The steps to analyze a return on investment are as follows:

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¿How to build a budget?

The construction of a budget allows us to define in advance the expenses and income that an economic activity will have.

The way to build a budget is by applying a budget method.

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¿How to perform a feasibility analysis?

The feasibility analysis allows identifying and evaluating the conditions of a business plan or project to conclude whether or not its implementation is feasible. The steps to perform a feasibility analysis are as follows:

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¿What is financial analysis for?

The financial analysis allows obtaining a diagnosis of the financial reality to make decisions by economic agents. The concepts that must be taken into account during the financial analysis are the following:

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¿What should we know about cryptocurrencies to invest in them?

Cryptocurrencies are virtual or digital currencies without financial and government support. Its security and validity is supported by the trust of the market, since there is no private or governmental entity that regulates it. Therefore, what you should know about cryptocurrencies before investing in them is the following:

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Good personal and business habits

¿What are the benefits of quitting smoking?

Cigarette smoking is a habit that negatively affects the physical, financial and emotional aspect of the person who consumes it. Therefore, quitting smoking has the following benefits:

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Methodologies, processes and software development techniques

¿How to apply the UML methodology?

The UML methodology allows to analyze and design software making use of objects to express the users need. The diagrams of the Uml methodology are as follows:

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¿How to define the software requirements?

Defining software requirements can be done through use cases, user stories and test flows.

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¿What are the concepts for database programming?

Database programming is a skill that any professional who interacts with information systems must have. Therefore, the concepts and techniques for database programming are as follows:

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¿What are the good practices of software development?

The good practices of software development make it possible to simplify the reading of source code, optimize code and document debugging processes, guaranteeing the stability of information systems.

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¿What are the good practices that should be applied in the systems area?

The good practices that should be implemented in a systems area are the following:

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Personal finance

¿What is personal finances for?

personal finance allows managing the income and expenses of the individual and the family in order to maintain a point of balance between spending and income.

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Project management, monitoring and control

¿What are the phases of the life cycle of a project?

The phases of a project allow us to plan, coordinate, evaluate and mitigate risks during execution. The phases of a project are as follows:

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¿What are the phases of the Scrum framework?

The characteristics, phases and roles of the Scrum framework are as follows:

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Sales processes

¿What are the good practices that should be applied in the sales area?

The sales area allows money to enter the organization for its sustainability and growth. Therefore, the good practices that must be implemented in the sales area are the following:

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Social and economic systems

Economic Doctrines and Thoughts: Capitalism vs Socialism vs Communism

Know the advantages and disadvantages of each economic system: Capitalism, Socialism, Communism.

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Tools to start and manage your business

¿How to apply the SWOT matrix?

The SWOT Matrix allows you to evaluate the current environment of the company or a project to define and implement strategies that enhance strengths and opportunities, minimize the impact of weaknesses and threats. The steps to apply the SWOT matrix are as follows:

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¿How to build a business plan?

The business plan is a document that allows you to visualize and analyze the objectives, strategies, organizational structure, the amount of investment from the perspective of the market, the product, finances and human talent. The structure and steps to build a business plan are as follows:

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¿How to perform a cause - effect analysis?

The cause - effect analysis makes it possible to evaluate the problems with the aim of finding their root cause and proposing an action plan to solve the problem.

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¿What are management indicators for?

management indicators make it possible to measure, monitor and control the efficiency, efficacy and effectiveness of a process.

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¿What is business intelligence for?

Business intelligence facilitates the obtaining of data and information for subsequent analysis and generation of action plans that allow the areas of the company to improve their processes, increase productivity and increase the profit margin.

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¿What is Coworking for?

Coworking allows entrepreneurs and businessmen to generate business links in a collaborative environment, managing to strengthen the portfolio from strategic alliances or generating business agreements with other entrepreneurs and businessmen for the delivery of a product or provision of a service.

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¿What is risk analysis for?

The risk analysis makes it possible to identify in advance, using the information, the events that may materialize and affect the organization, company or project.

The information obtained from the Risk analysis allows defining preventive and corrective action plans to deal with the risk.

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¿What is the canvas model?

The canvas model allows you to visualize and analyze a business in a simplified way. The elements or blocks of the Canvas model and their application is as follows:

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¿What is the corporate image for?

The corporate image is a set of elements that aim to generate the best impression in the market for attracting customers, generating commercial agreements and growing cash flow.

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